Beginners Course for Stock Trading & Investing

Stock market trading is the best way to achieve financial goals. If you want to learn trading or investing in the stock market, join a beginners course at our stock market academy in Pune. We have designed this course to help you become a professional trader or an investor. It will give you a great insight into the functioning of the capital market, and become familiar with the financial jargons such as IPOs, equities, technical analysis of the stock market, fundamental analysis of stocks, understanding stock charts, and financial planning.

Course Objective

Every person wants to earn money for a better life after retirement, children's education or marriage, to buy a home, and make a foreign tour. Our course is designed with this objective in mind. We want you to gain theoretical and practical knowledge for wealth creations. If you're a beginner in the stock market, this course is for you.
  Our beginners course will introduce you to the techniques of assessing and minimizing the risk of stock investment, understand the financial health of companies by reading and interpreting their profit and loss statement and balance sheet. It will also help you understand when to entry and exit the stock market, the ups and downs in the market, the techniques to use for trading and investing. 
In case you're an experienced investor, we have different stock market courses in Pune for you.

Course Benefits

Our aim for starting the share market training in Pune is to help you leverage the potential of the stock market for wealth creations. By completing this course successfully, you'll become an expert in analyzing the stock market, making financial planning, identifying best performing stocks, minimizing risk, and using the best techniques for trading or investing.

Topics Covered

We offer the best stock market training course in Pune for beginners and experienced traders. Though it's a beginners course, we've tried to cover everything that is essential to gain knowledge and experience for trading or investing. That's why we've divided this course into two different categories – Stock Market Foundation and Risk and Trade Management. The topics covered in each module are:

    Stock Market Foundation

  • Benefits of Stock Market
  • Comparison of stock investment with other investments
  • Successful investor biographies
  • Successful trades and investments
  • What is a share or stock?
  • Understanding share premium.
  • What are types of companies?
  • What is share capital?
  • What are the types of shares?
  • Capital raising by an IPO
  • The full process of an IPO.
  • History of the Indian stock market
  • What is a broker?
  • The types of investors
  • The types of accounts
  • Detailed process of share settlement
  • Benefits of share market to company and economy.
  • Types of benefits to investors
  • Returns comparison of all assets
  • What is an index and index composition
  • Market capitalization of stocks
  • Classification of listed shares - Group wise
  • suspended and delisted shares
  • Difference between intraday and delivery trading
  • Process of intraday settlement
  • Difference between trading and investment
  • Process of share settlement
  • Terminologies: Bull- Bear, Teji- Mandi, Long-Short.
  • What is square off, Stop – Loss
  • What is Bonus, Dividend, Buyback, and Stock Split.
  • Market session and timings
  • Stock market terminologies
  • Concept of cost averaging
  • Beta value of a stock
  • Use of limit and leverage exposure
  • Leverage haircut
  • Concept of circuit breakers
  • Concept of price bands
  • Daily market session timings in all segments

    Risk and Trade Management

  • Definition and Need of Trading
  • Reward to risk ratio
  • Win rate or strike rate
  • Time value of money
  • Minimizing losses and maximizing profits
  • Per trade rupee risk rules
  • Steps to taking a trade
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Steps to trailing stop loss
  • Risk management using stop loss
  • Reward to risk ratio
  • Win rate vs lose rate
  • Steps to taking a perfect trade
  • Trade management
  • Trailing stop loss strategy
  • Enhanced reward to risk strategy
  • Rules of per trade rupee risk
  • Compounding of trading portfolio
  • Trading Journal
  • The Commandments of Trading
  • Risk profiling parameters
  • Money allocation
  • Sector diversification in trading
  • Over diversification vs Under diversification
  • Concept of compounding
  • Money management in total portfolio
  • Satellite vs Core portfolio
  • Investing Journal
  • Psychology of Trading

Why beginners course

If there is one place where you can make money without any limit, it's the stock market. However, to earn from trading or investing, you've to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience. So enroll in our beginners course and get set to tap the immense potential of the stock market.  Wealthnote's beginner course will provide you with practical know-how about trading and investing. You will be in a better position to take decisions regarding buying and selling of stocks and dealing with the market challenges. After completing this course, you will find making money from the stock market easy. To take up the beginners course, call us at +91 70666 66464 or +91 98587 71919 or drop a message online on this page Contact us

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