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Stock Market Apps You Should Know About?

Posted on 2019-06-01 in WEALTH NOTE RESEARCH


Now there is no need to carry a laptop and a dongle everywhere just to go online and know the latest news of the stock market. With tens and hundreds of stock market apps, you can download one or many on your smartphone and get news on the trending stocks, latest prices of shares, and even manage your stock profile anytime, anywhere. However, before downloading one, learn about the best stock market apps that make stock investment and trading a real fun.


Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile for Android phone and an iPhone is one of the best stock market apps. This app is a product of Moneycontrol.com, which is a leading online business news website owned and managed by E-Eighteen Dot Com (P) Ltd., a subsidiary of the media house TV18. It is a leading source of financial information that can give you a great insight on the latest stock price, stock quotes, stock market tips, and stock trading news. It is one of the high-rated apps for the latest stock market news and prices for quicker and better decision-making related to trading and investing. What's more, be being a member of the forum on the app, you can even chat with other investors and seek their advice to modify your stock portfolio or alter your strategy. 

ET Markets

This app provides live and real-time updates on Sensex and Nifty. What makes it stand out from others is the immersive experience it provides to users owing to its clean interface, wise selection of fonts, and attractive blue background. If you're looking for interesting features in a stock market app, the ET Markets will fulfill your needs. You can scroll down and view which stocks are the top gainers, top losers, and have the top movement for the day. You can also find the real-time stock price variations over a period of time. Studying stock charts in this app is a real pleasure. Using the same chart, you can compare stocks with different lines. In short, the slick interface, and user-friendly features make it one of the best stock market apps for Android phones.


This app is pretty decent for getting current news about stocks, finance, and markets. It packs all the features to offer maximum benefits to its users. It also provides the news and calendar of important events so that you don't miss any information that can impact trading and investment decisions. Gathering details on the market and pricing data and tracking multiple portfolios, be they on stocks, commodity, or cryptocurrency, is easy with this app. If you want to know the sentiments of the market and stay current with the news affecting the world and Indian market, the investing.com is quite a useful and handful app. You can view the current and future trade of the entire markets of the world, information related to Indian stocks, top losers and top gainers from two to 52 weeks, commodity, foreign currency, cryptocurrency, bonds, and top trending news. The portfolio section in the app allows to create your portfolio of stocks. In the stock section, you can see an overview of any particular stock, and chart with all the data. If you're a trader, you will enjoy the Chart section that offers different charts for one month, hour, and one-minute. 


Edelweiss Mobile Trader by Edelweiss Broking, a full-service stockbroker with a strong local presence in India, is one of the best stock market apps that provides ready analysis of stocks and trading to its users. The app gives real-time market data, helps users to analyze their trades and monitor how their stock portfolio is performing. It has the most efficient charting tool that helps in getting stock market news about current and forthcoming events. The best part of this app is the Market Screeners tab that helps in leveraging the lucrative opportunity in the market. This app is suitable for trading with the BSE, NSE, MCX, and NSDEX. The Live news section of the app provides news faster than TV. It offers advanced charting with 17 technical indicators, and information on 52-Week High and Low, Top Gainers and Losers, Sector Performance, Volume Buzzers, and lots more. 

Stock Edge

If you want a stock market app that helps you in screening out fundamentally sound stocks to invest in, then start using Stock Edge. This Indian stock market app has two categories: Home and MyStockEdge. Under the Home section, you will get to know everything about the markets. It also offers 360 degree analysis of 5000+ stocks in a single click. It provides daily updates on major news and upcoming events pertaining to the NSE and BSE. You can filter and search stocks sector-wise and know about the financial and economic events of NSE and BSE. If you are following any popular investor and trader like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, you can view what shares he has invested in. In case you're using the paid version of this app, you can also participate in the seminars and webinars they conduct throughout the year in different cities of India. The Stockist Club section will allow you to interact with other traders and investors and seek advice. So download all these five Indian stock market apps on your smartphone and start your trading journey in the stock market. Bu to understand the technical analysis and use the charting tool of these apps, join stock market classes in Pune to learn stock trading and investing. 


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