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Stock Market Websites You Must Know

Posted on 2019-07-01 in KNOWLEDGE PORTAL


        The Indian stock market is buzzing with lots of activities every single second, minute, and hour of the day. Thankfully, there are a few popular stock market websites that provide up-to-date information for investors and traders on news, trends, and happenings. But these websites are good only for updates, track stocks, and not to learn stock market. If you want to follow the stock market, you must know these stock market websites.


Money Control

Website: https://www.moneycontrol.com/

 This website is literally a hub of information related to the Indian stock market. Everything that will keep you informed about the latest market news, stock prices, trends, currencies, commodities, IPOs, mutual funds, etc. is available on this website. The way it tracks the Indian stock market helps the traders and investors in taking wiser decisions. No wonder the number of traffic it gets every month is a staggering 50 million.

Money Control is one of the best websites in India for stock market analysis, getting real-time news, and information on announcements done by companies listed with BSE and NSE. The best thing about Moneycontrol website is the advice you get from experts on market and stocks.


Economic Times Market

Website: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/


With this stock market website, there is no way traders and investors can miss out on market news, since the morning and evening 'briefs' that it publishes help investors and traders in knowing all the happenings of the day. Here, you can read the latest news about the company you're interested investing in. 

The editorial column on this website offers deep technical analysis on sector-wise stocks. Users can use the technical section for analysis of stocks. It also provides stock charts, portfolio, expert views, and other detailed information on finance and commodities. But to all these details, you have to learn stock market first.




Website: https://in.investing.com/

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 This global financial portal is quite popular worldwide that provides in-depth information on the latest news from the financial markets, real-time quotes, streaming charts, fundamental and technical analysis, financial views, economic calendars, and tools and calculators across the world markets. Hands down, this website is a definitive source for information on stocks, currencies, commodities, bonds, futures and options, etc. 

What makes it worth visiting this site is the regular addition of innovative features and sections to provide an outstanding experience to their users. One of the key features that pulls visitors to this site is the Stock Screener tool, which helps in shortlisting stocks applying different criteria such as the P/E ratio, CAGR, market capitalization, ROE, etc. The wide range of indicators is a delight to use for new traders. The best part is the email that you receive about the drop and rise in company's performance.



Website: https://www.screener.in/

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 It is a good practice to learn the financial health, and the growth prospects of the company before investing in its stocks. This type of fundamental analysis can easily be performed using the screener website provided you have to learn stock market from a reputed stock market classes.

 All the vital information related to a company such as the financial ratios, quarterly results, profit and loss statements, annual results, balance sheet, charts, cash flows, etc. are available on this website. If the lengthy financial reports are too much for reading, you can personalize them here, and read specific details. The user-friendly display of data helps visitors in easy understanding.


NSE India

Website: https://www.nseindia.com/

 You can find everything about the finances of around 1600 companies listed with NSE on this official website. Since submitting financial reports to NSE is compulsory for all the companies, there is no better place than this site to check the financial condition of those companies. Moreover, this website provides latest and accurate information related to stock trading. In case, you are aware about block and bulk deal, you can easily get daily updates on them here. Further, information on the past stock market performance of all the companies is also available. You can view charts, historical data, information on new listings, IPO, and profiles of domestic, foreign, and corporate investors.


BSE India


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If you're interested in consuming information on current and historical data about companies listed on BSE, you can get that all on this website of Bombay Stock Exchange. You can also know the types of stocks all popular and foreign investors have invested in.  Anything you need to know related to stock trading such as trends, charts, results, stock market statistics, IPOs, latest news and updates, etc. can be found here. In short, this website is the best place to visit to perform fundamental and technical analysis before investing.

 These are the a few most-visited Indian stock market websites that offer a lot to their users. If you're a novice and want to know how to start investing or trading in the stock market, learn stock market at wealthnote.in, the right place for stock market classes in Pune.


Some additional websites that you should know:

Google Finance: https://www.google.com/finance

Yahoo Finance: https://in.finance.yahoo.com

Rediff money: http://money.rediff.com/index.html

MarketMojo: https://www.marketsmojo.com/

Investello: https://www.investello.com

Trendlyne: https://trendlyne.com

Chittorgarh: http://www.chittorgarh.com



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