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Become a successful trader with Wealth Note

  • Duration:15 days / 2 hours daily
  • Modules:10

Trading Complete Course

Stock market trading is the best way to achieve financial goals. If you want to learn trading in the stock market, join our trading complete course at our stock market academy in Pune. We have designed this course to help you become a professional trader. ... It will give you a great insight into the functioning of the share market, and become familiar with concepts like understanding stock charts, risk management, intraday and delivery trading. We offer the best stock market training course in Pune for beginners and experienced traders. We've covered everything that is essential to gain knowledge and experience for trading. The topics covered in each module are:

  • What are shares? How share market works?
  • How do share prices move up and down?
  • How does an IPO work?
  • Structure of the Indian stock market
  • What is exchange? NSE, BSE, broker etc.?
  • What is demat account, trading account?
  • Difference between trading and investment
  • Brokerage and Taxation
  • Share settlement in delivery and intraday trading.
  • Large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks
  • A, B, T and Z group shares
  • Bid Ask Spread, Volume and Liquidity
  • What is index, Nifty, Sensex?
  • Leverage and exposures on shares and cash
  • Difference between long buying and short selling
  • Upper Circuit, Lower Circuit and Price Bands
  • What is trading and its purpose?
  • What is Reward, Risk, Target and Stop loss?
  • Reward to risk ratio and win rate
  • Rules of money management
  • Trading step by step calculations
  • Importance of position size control
  • How to minimize losses and maximize profits
  • Trailing stop loss method to increase profits
  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Ledger statement
  • Transaction history
  • Contract Notes
  • Introduction to technical analysis
  • Candlestick and line charts
  • Charting website practical demo
  • Use of indicator to decide stoploss
  • Using technical screener website to find shares
  • Candle stick patterns – Bullish and Bearish
  • Support and Resistance trading
  • Uptrend, Downtrend and Sideways trend
  • Trend – Level – Signal trade strategy
  • Technical trading strategy practice
  • Introduction to Intraday Trading
  • Intraday risk and money management
  • Use ATR for intraday trading
  • Following news and market analysis
  • Intraday trading using Trend and Support/Resistance
  • Find Entry, Exit and Stop loss levels
  • Intraday trading strategies
  • Intraday Technical screening tools
  • Live Practical & trading demo Terminal
  • Intraday trade and money management
  • Psychology of intraday Trader
  • Introduction to Delivery Trading
  • Delivery risk and money management
  • Use ATR for delivery trading
  • Following news and market analysis
  • Delivery trading using Trend and Support/Resistance
  • Find Entry, Exit and Stop loss levels
  • Delivery trading strategies
  • Delivery Technical screening tools
  • Live Practical & trading demo Terminal
  • Delivery trade and money management
  • Psychology of Delivery Trader
  • Introduction to futures & Options contract
  • Trading in futures vs trading in stocks
  • Contract cycle and expiry date
  • Expiry wise futures contracts
  • Rollover of futures contract
  • What is contract size and contract value?
  • Span and exposure margin
  • Settlement in futures market
  • Mark to market calculations
  • Concept of exercising of contracts
  • Order placement in futures
  • Introduction to option contracts
  • Call buy and put buy
  • Call sell and put sell
  • In the money, at the money, out of money
  • Strike price, spot price
  • Concept of option premium
  • Time Value, Volatility value
  • Option trade analysis
  • Option premium calculation
  • Order placement in futures & Options
  • Introduction to currency markets
  • Currency exchange rate
  • Base currency quote currency
  • Fundamental analysis of currency
  • Currency news and analysis
  • GDP, GDP growth
  • Inflation, Interest rates
  • RBI policy effects
  • Currency futures specifications
  • Expiry, span margin exposure margin
  • How to analyze currency using charts
  • Order placement in currency trading
  • Introduction to commodity markets
  • Demand and Supply factors
  • Commodity and Bonds connection
  • Commodity and Equity markets
  • Commodity news and analysis
  • Precious metals – gold and silver
  • Base metals – copper, nickel, zinc, nickel
  • Energy materials – crude oil, natural gas
  • Specifications of commodity futures
  • Lot size, expiry, margins etc.
  • How to analyze commodity using charts
  • Order placement in commodity trading
  • News websites to follow
  • Question answers related to trading
  • Trading mindset building
  • Trading journal and affirmations
  • Compounding of wealth by trading
  • Creating the successful trader mindset
  • How to create a trading routine

Course Objective

Our aim for starting the share market training in Pune is to help you leverage the potential of the stock market for wealth creation.... By completing this course successfully, you'll become an expert in analysing the stocks, identifying best performing stocks, minimizing risk, and using the best techniques for trading....
Our course designed with the following objectives which will help you

1. Understand the basics of the share market trading
2. Find quality stocks to buy and sell using technical analysis
3. Decide where to buy and sell the shares using technical analysis
4. How to minimise losses and maximise profits using risk management
5. How to trade in intraday and delivery
6. How to trade futures and options
7. How to trade commodity and currency
8. How to keep tracks of your profits and money in back office
9. Understand and have the perfect trader mindset.

Course Benefits

1. Make real money using our trading strategies.
2. High chances of winning more trades because of technical analysis....
3. Low chances of hitting stoploss because of use of special indicators.
4. Increase your profits without taking any extra risks.
5. You can directly learn and start trading by the end of the course.
6. Trade in different markets like Equity, Commodity and Currency.

Why Trading Complete Course

If there is one place where you can make money without any limit, it's the stock market. However, to earn from trading, you've to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience. So enroll in our Trading Complete Course and get set to tap the immense potential of the stock market.... Wealth note's trading course will provide you with practical know-how about trading. You will be in a better position to take decisions regarding buying and selling of stocks and dealing with the market challenges. After completing this course, you will find making money from the stock market easy. To take up the course, call us at +91 70666 66464 or +91 98587 71919 or drop a message online on this page Contact us.

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